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Dr. Chris is a fantastic clinician and communicator. His passion for helping people excel at their career and life is infectious!

Michael Haske

Michael Haske


Dr. Chris brings emotions and passion to a generally stale dental industry, delivering not only a successful presentation but hope for a happier self.

Brian O’Neill

Brian O’Neill

Regional Manager

Dr. Christian Hahn delivers powerful content in a light hearted, intellectual and inspirational way.

Kevin Bielich

Kevin Bielich

Senior Manager
Your purpose in this life, just like mine, is to live in this moment, learn from the past and manifest your own future.

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Success is not reserved for the powerful, rich or lucky. You already have everything it takes to make all your wildest dreams come true. So why are you not living up to your full potential? Will you live a life of greatness or regret? My purpose is to help individuals such as yourself to free themselves from the constraints of limited thinking and unleash the amazing, one of a kind soul that you are, allowing you to find joy, happiness, success and love in just about anything you choose to do.

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